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Work It Tribute Work It Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nicely Done

If i could make flashes or video edit decently i would have done the same thing.

Just to let you know. This flash tribute has been said to be "The Best Work It tribute Ever" by EvilZug himself. go check out select work it. then click the best work it tribute ever and you'll wind up right back here.

ABunchOfSNESsedUpCrap 1 ABunchOfSNESsedUpCrap 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

was good

This is a good series and i would like to see more. The pure randomness of the Nes ones made then funny. This one had some audio skits that were funny. AND THANK YOU... i have wanted to make megaman slug the crap out of that dog for a long time. There were some other mega bigs hits for the Snes that i feel you could cover just fine. I do think the right round baby thing is losing its luster though.

Kirby dream course, mario paint, donkey kong country 1/2/3, Mario Kart, and others that could easily be cracked on. I haven't seen too many parodies of these.

Gunstar-X responds:

I'm not to fond of Donkey Kong Country 3...
But note taken nonetheless. I'll include these games in the next SNESsed Up.

TANKMEN: day of lead TANKMEN: day of lead

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i love the ending. *zombie flips the bird* then gets shot in the head, town dominos, and then well.... watch it for yourself. its funny.

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Electric Rubber 2 Electric Rubber 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good game, better than the last installment. I've gotten to the point where I've pretty much broken the game. Since values in this game are stored at a max of an " int " (integer), I've managed to reach the threshold with my cash and now I'm at -2,147,483,648 and rising. Biggest suggestion there would be to either go up to using a " long " or put a stop on it so you can't reach overflow and flip into the negatives.

This game is just like the previous one though where buying the passive idle upgrades are eventually far superior to any of the other upgrades. The idle upgrade actually grows in amount with each purchase as where the rub and click seem to be locked at 2 and 50 respectively for each increase. I'm currently earning 1207457 Watts per second in doing idle. That is level 3104 of the idle upgrade for those wondering.

From my experience playing the game. Either many of the players above me on the various high scores either found tricks I didn't or they edited their save file where ever it is stored.

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Galaxy Siege 3 Galaxy Siege 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enjoyable for a while, but unless I get bored and come back there is no way I'm beating all the levels. I played until I wasn't getting an upgrade for anything anymore, before planet Aliroman. I have 2 level ten Proto shields, a dozen level 20 machine guns, 6 cash grabbers, 1 fuels cell in the very bottom left, my cockpit in the very bottom right and a line of I think level 12 lasers.

While I did find this game enjoyable and kept pushing further to find new items, I began to get bored with the levels, mainly the bosses. I had to hide my fuel and cockpit in the back on opposite corners because I was forced to get right up in the bosses face. The boss just keeps getting bigger and bigger and some of their attacks are rather unfair or unbalanced.

A few tips for others. GET SUPPORT CALL ASAP. Buy 3 of the two star(max) support calls, hide them behind your guns, and right before you get into the boss fight, spam all three for them, fight will be over in about 2 or 3 seconds most of the time. You can just burned through the levels.
PUT ITEM GRABBERS IN THE BACK. The reason you want to put your item grabbers in the back is because one, they don't need to be up front. Two, if you die you have more room to grab them again. And three, if you die on the boss or lose a item grabber during the fight, you'll drop the items at the bottom of the screen so the station magnet will have a much better chance of picking it up correctly.
PUT (Proto)SHIELDS IN FRONT MOST CORNERS. There are these enemies in the later levels that latch onto your outer most modules, usually always the corner then out from there. Put things with high HP in those spot to hold those things off. You can't get them off your ship as far as I can see.

To the author specifically)

First, I enjoyed it.

The levels are highly repetitive, but there is a ton of them so I can let that slide.

The screen really needs to be about twice as tall as it is now. The graphics are quite acceptable just would reallllllllly like more screen. Maybe about 10% wider. Think Tablet size held vertically.

I really don't like having to touch the boss to trigger it, with a taller screen you can set the boss start trigger lower down on the screen. With more room it also can provide more tactical options for boss attacks and the player dodging them.

As for the upgrades. I like that there is many of them. Have you considered a tech tree with tiers and needing so many points in a tier before you can progress down it, to limit how fast a player can max out a tree? You can keep the concept of all the different level items in a perk/tech tree. Because I would go for certain items myself.

Instead of selling off a certain turret, maybe I could just pay the difference and upgrade it with a side menu? Minor thing really.

The custom built turrets are completely useless till you can get at least 45 crystal slots to make a 6Blue(Range) 19Red(Damage) and 20Yellow(Shot count) To even compare to a level 20 Machine gun turret. Maybe add a Green Crystal that removes 0.05 seconds of "reload" time.

There are only three actual weapon types. Bullet, laser, and missile. This is ok, but I as far as I can tell, Machine guns just shoot multiple rounds, Lasers do a big blast at the same rate, and missiles down a massive blast at a slower rate. Though Laser don't seem to do the classic pierce and missiles don't seem to do splash damage(hardly used missiles).

I like the idea of the custom weapons. Maybe add a Barrel item as a pick up to determine what it shoots. You could even focus the whole weapon system around just the custom weapons and grant money for kills. Leaving the grabbers to pick up building items and such. I think many people would really like to full customize their own arsenal through perks, and picks they use to build them.

Hope you liked this feed back.

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Highwayman Highwayman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad. Entertaining for a while. I bought everything and I have to agree with the "on level up" upgrades. There are two of these, one for the main character and one for the lance knight behind him. Get these two upgrades to max before you level up any of your characters. This does mean you'll be grinding out the first few caravans for a while.

To purchase everything in the game you will need to collect 21,208,350 gold. The archer's third skill helps with money making, the wizards second, and critical hits(it seems) help earn money.

Personally I don't like the skills being hidden, I would have preferred grayed out. That way I could see what I can get and immediately get excited about wanting to upgrade it.

Here is a list of all their skills in order of unlock. I suggest unlocking new skills till they get a bit too expensive for you. Skill upgrades drop off in power dramatically after the first unlock of it and progressively get more expensive and give less and less bang for you buck.

Main (Nando): damage resistance, increased damage, all robbers HP up *ON LEVEL*, All robbers +Crit chance, +stun chance, All robbers increased damage, All robbers +crit chance(yes there are two of these skills), Increased damage, Everyone but Main/Nando gets attack speed increase.

Lancer (Sir Spearlot): Increase damage, Attract drops (Useless), All robber increased damage *ON LEVEL*, Activate skill last longer, Shield block amount increase, +stun chance, +block chance, +Crit chance, Massive damage increase.

Archer (Nibor Hood): Increase damage, +attack speed, Increased money from coins only, +Stun Chance, Increase damage (yes again two of the same thing), +Crit chance to all robbers when using active power, Active skill lasts longer, Increase damage (non%, +55 dam at max), All robbers do increased crit damage.

Mage (Mr. Nile): All active powers last longer, Increased money from gems and gem coins, Make trader attack slower (damage mitigation),+Crit chance, Increased damage, Active skills recharge faster, +attack speed, All robbers increased damage, All robbers +stun chance.

Level 16 is the final boss and he hurts a bit and has 70,000 HP. Make sure to level everyone up a little at least.

I was able to get all the medals in a single play and they are active for me. Using Mozilla Firefox.

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IriySoft responds:

Pretty detailed feedback and description, thanks.

Recent Audio Reviews

Iostream Iostream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The loop is great, I love how lively it sounds. So I put it in my college project game on Scratch.
Check it out if you like, nothing fancy, credit is given for the music.

ParagonX9 - Infinity ParagonX9 - Infinity

Rated 5 / 5 stars

did it again

you and a few others are about the only ones i have found worth downloading to my ears. its just my tastes, but considering that i'm not very picky. it just points out how few good artists are on here. myself only adding things just to have some material up.

Devotion - Sunshine Canyon Devotion - Sunshine Canyon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

not really my taste

where this song does show promise for showing up in a weird or quirky japanese anime style game of some sort. it doesn't seem to be more than an extended loop thats been played with to make it a few minutes long.

it is easy on the ears and not so boring that it puts me to sleep, but other than that i just get tired of listening to it after a while.

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DevotionTrance responds:

Cool, don't comment on the pristine / professional mastering quality at all then. Thanks. I love you too <3 Keep up the softcore zerobombing bro <3