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Work It Tribute Work It Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nicely Done

If i could make flashes or video edit decently i would have done the same thing.

Just to let you know. This flash tribute has been said to be "The Best Work It tribute Ever" by EvilZug himself. go check out select work it. then click the best work it tribute ever and you'll wind up right back here.

ABunchOfSNESsedUpCrap 1 ABunchOfSNESsedUpCrap 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

was good

This is a good series and i would like to see more. The pure randomness of the Nes ones made then funny. This one had some audio skits that were funny. AND THANK YOU... i have wanted to make megaman slug the crap out of that dog for a long time. There were some other mega bigs hits for the Snes that i feel you could cover just fine. I do think the right round baby thing is losing its luster though.

Kirby dream course, mario paint, donkey kong country 1/2/3, Mario Kart, and others that could easily be cracked on. I haven't seen too many parodies of these.

Gunstar-X responds:

I'm not to fond of Donkey Kong Country 3...
But note taken nonetheless. I'll include these games in the next SNESsed Up.

TANKMEN: day of lead TANKMEN: day of lead

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i love the ending. *zombie flips the bird* then gets shot in the head, town dominos, and then well.... watch it for yourself. its funny.

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The ladys room The ladys room

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wtf ending

i wasn't scared of this flash, but i did say wtf when she stepped through the door. I mean it didn't make much sense, but i guess thats where the silent hill part comes in also. a lot of the silent hill story was wtf moments. anyways. i like the twist and it kept me guessing what would happen next instead of the usual oh yeah this is going to happen like the games.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

great as always

i love parodys and i watched this before i even played the game and i was laughing my ass off while playing the game because of how true this was.

I did find myself lucky when the AI were idiots. we all grabbed health packs in the safe room and the idiot with low health healed me when his health was lower than mine.

not to mention the game is subtlety racist. Louis AI always finds pills anywhere and then hands them out like crack.

Here is a test for all true fans of this flash

How many times does the wall have " Moo? " written on it.

here is a hint: Its more than once.

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YAAFM 14: John McCain YAAFM 14: John McCain

Rated 5 / 5 stars

revisiting the series

I find it highly posible that all quote are true. I mean I was told about John McCain's brother calling 911 to bitch about the traffic and then hung up when the operator said that is not what 911 is for. The 911 operator called back and got his voicemail which stated his name (that i can't remember) and the operator left a message telling him not to call 911 to bitch about traffic. McCain's brother then called back and proceeded to yell at the operator before saying "fuck you" and hanging up again.

I could honestly say. Voting in another old white from either the Bush or McCain family would be moronic. Then you would probably do a YAAFM about the electoral colleges or the voters. Either way I would have to say a least 50% of American's are fucking morons.

If you want to do another YAAFM about a political figure i would suggest Barrack Obama for his latest actions and to even the playing field. Not to mention the fact you could crack on the Obama/Osama name reference.

I find it out myself that while typing this up i hear reginold's voice saying every word in the same manner that he speaks.

P.S. Love the little signs Slugger hold up, just wish they were a tiny bit bigger.

Mario vs Drifts Mario vs Drifts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

all arounder

do feel it could have been longer, but not all fights are 30 minute epic wars between two people. all around good choices for everything. would have loved to seen other special/magical skills, but saw enough to satisfy me.

Pixtropolis City Pixtropolis City

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Even though nothing from any old games i remember was used i still felt like i was back in the early gaming years with everything all pixelated. Incredible work on the audio from ParagonX9 like always. The art from everyone was interesting in its own way, but i managed to prefer the 16 bit looking scenes.

Mexifry responds:

Thanks! :D

Chipmunks Gangsta Rap Chipmunks Gangsta Rap

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Freaking awsome. (long @$$ review... sorry)

This flash is great. Typical behind the scenes story of the past that you never got to see. I liked it so much i watch it over and over.

As for the lawsuit. To be honest i have to say that is a load of crap. None of the images shown were direct copies of any of their production artwork. As for the name Dave Savill .. so what if there the same. Seriously do a country wide search for Dave Savill's and you will come up with a dozen or more.

None of the depictions of the characters in this flash were truly alike. Heck even the "A" on the Alvin look alike's shirt was a white anarchy symbol, the Simon look alike had broken glasses which changed later, and the Theodore had a scar on his right cheek and later on had a safety pin in his left ear and etc, etc.

The only reason this video is under suit is probably the mere fact the name "the chipmunks" was used and that its slants all of the supposed characters in a negative sense that they think would hurt the name of "the chipmunks" and their "clean" appearance.

If that is the case then what the heck was with letting the disaster movie parody of the chipmunks go then. It made the chipmunks out to be psychotic, rabid, demonic chipmunks.

Mind you both this flash and all other parodies/spoofs are meant to be funny and taken with an open mind and a decent sense of humor. It should not matter if you use the characters/content of anything else. Even if you are getting paid for your work in the creation of something that uses the content of copy written material. As long as you are not receiving payment for the actual creation of that content and are solely getting paid for the time and effort put into. Then they can just deal with it.

As for how i see it. Yeah it borders on being exact look alikes, And sure they are killing dave. But honestly its just part of the flash's story and shouldn't be looked into further detail than that.

And for the people at Bagdasarian productions. Seriously this flash video makes me enjoy "The Chipmunks" again. And if anything you should be paying them for advertisement. Bent TV just gave you free advertisement and this flash video, if enjoyed by the viewer enough, will be talked about by many people and the link will be tossed all over the internet from person to person pointing out this video out and bringing more attention and more fame for the chipmunks. Even if you dislike the appearance and/or appeal of this flash video i would have to say zip it. Because this video drives more and more people to go Google the chipmunks and more than likely buy something chipmunk related that you will in turn profit from.

In short, Bent TV. You guys did a good job and i Enjoyed the flash video that you spent your time and effort creating.

Bagdasarian productions, please stop !&#%ing yourselves. If you don't want to !&#% yourselves over further i would suggest dropping all legal action, which is a waste of money, and continue to let this flash video remain where it is because it is attracting attention to "The Chipmunks" and will bring in money for you.

as for niels0827 giving a rating of a 6... seriously? you said you liked it but lowered your score all because you somewhat agree with a legal suit about copyright infringement. ... as bender would say "error... does not compute." Slanting you ratings all because of the action or comments of others is not a fair representation of the appreciation level that was given to the artwork.

To anyone that would change their vote/opinion of something just because of what someone else said or did. Ignore what was said or done unless they were involved in that something.

For example.
Two people get into a car crash. Both cars ran into each other head on and they are both at fault. guy1 gets out of his car and is ready to pay for it. guy2 beats the crap out of him. you think guy1 is nice for trying to be cool and think guy2 is an ass. a friend says guy1 was a punk b&*%$. What do you do? Stand to your own ideas or to be cool with your friend do you agree? either way its a moral catch 22. keep one lose the other maybe.

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Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job.

I give this a 10 even though there is a typo in the lyrics of the last part.

its suppose to be "he didn't want all the >pain< of pumpkin pie"

because they tortured and probably killed him trying to get the recipe.

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