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was good

This is a good series and i would like to see more. The pure randomness of the Nes ones made then funny. This one had some audio skits that were funny. AND THANK YOU... i have wanted to make megaman slug the crap out of that dog for a long time. There were some other mega bigs hits for the Snes that i feel you could cover just fine. I do think the right round baby thing is losing its luster though.

Kirby dream course, mario paint, donkey kong country 1/2/3, Mario Kart, and others that could easily be cracked on. I haven't seen too many parodies of these.

Gunstar-X responds:

I'm not to fond of Donkey Kong Country 3...
But note taken nonetheless. I'll include these games in the next SNESsed Up.

revisiting the series

I find it highly posible that all quote are true. I mean I was told about John McCain's brother calling 911 to bitch about the traffic and then hung up when the operator said that is not what 911 is for. The 911 operator called back and got his voicemail which stated his name (that i can't remember) and the operator left a message telling him not to call 911 to bitch about traffic. McCain's brother then called back and proceeded to yell at the operator before saying "fuck you" and hanging up again.

I could honestly say. Voting in another old white from either the Bush or McCain family would be moronic. Then you would probably do a YAAFM about the electoral colleges or the voters. Either way I would have to say a least 50% of American's are fucking morons.

If you want to do another YAAFM about a political figure i would suggest Barrack Obama for his latest actions and to even the playing field. Not to mention the fact you could crack on the Obama/Osama name reference.

I find it out myself that while typing this up i hear reginold's voice saying every word in the same manner that he speaks.

P.S. Love the little signs Slugger hold up, just wish they were a tiny bit bigger.

all arounder

do feel it could have been longer, but not all fights are 30 minute epic wars between two people. all around good choices for everything. would have loved to seen other special/magical skills, but saw enough to satisfy me.

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It is an ok game. Kinda slow and hard to start with till you figure out things to abuse.

Major flaw: Invincibility. buy any combo of red cars or plasma semis. Then buy the invincibility gadget on all three. Upgrade them once or twice, and now you can't die.

Minor flaw: It seems like to get anywhere, you have to get the piercing shot on the car.

Not a bad game. While different, I think the hopping/boost up mechanic is annoying and difficult to control. Had to replay the first level several times to get the flawless because one boost up just barely bumped me high enough to bump into a bullet and lose flawless.

@NeonSpider The game doesn't lag. Honestly if you are still trying to play games on a single core computer. You probably shouldn't play anything made after 2005. I'm running on a quad core laptop from 7 years ago. No graphics card, just an APU I share my system ram with. Not a whiff of lag. So, instead of trying to whine at creators to fix things, which have been used on things as old as the NES, try spending more than $200 if you expect to play games on it.

Pretty good game, better than the last installment. I've gotten to the point where I've pretty much broken the game. Since values in this game are stored at a max of an " int " (integer), I've managed to reach the threshold with my cash and now I'm at -2,147,483,648 and rising. Biggest suggestion there would be to either go up to using a " long " or put a stop on it so you can't reach overflow and flip into the negatives.

This game is just like the previous one though where buying the passive idle upgrades are eventually far superior to any of the other upgrades. The idle upgrade actually grows in amount with each purchase as where the rub and click seem to be locked at 2 and 50 respectively for each increase. I'm currently earning 1207457 Watts per second in doing idle. That is level 3104 of the idle upgrade for those wondering.

From my experience playing the game. Either many of the players above me on the various high scores either found tricks I didn't or they edited their save file where ever it is stored.

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The loop is great, I love how lively it sounds. So I put it in my college project game on Scratch.
Check it out if you like, nothing fancy, credit is given for the music.

did it again

you and a few others are about the only ones i have found worth downloading to my ears. its just my tastes, but considering that i'm not very picky. it just points out how few good artists are on here. myself only adding things just to have some material up.

not really my taste

where this song does show promise for showing up in a weird or quirky japanese anime style game of some sort. it doesn't seem to be more than an extended loop thats been played with to make it a few minutes long.

it is easy on the ears and not so boring that it puts me to sleep, but other than that i just get tired of listening to it after a while.

DevotionTrance responds:

Cool, don't comment on the pristine / professional mastering quality at all then. Thanks. I love you too <3 Keep up the softcore zerobombing bro <3

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