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life has only one thing that is for certain......DEATH.

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Soon enough I'll be testing my skills and what not, but starting a array of different RPG Maker VX games. Seeing as I don't know how to do flash games, and for me, I like to add quite a bit of personality and feeling into a game that just wouldn't quite fit into space NewGrounds allows.... by a lot. I haven't even started yet and I can already assume my game will be around 100MB if not a lot big with all the custom audio that i'll be using from fellow newgrounds users.

Just as a little heads up. If I use anyone's content. You will get credited if i can pull up your NG name. I try to re-title everything to exactly what it is on here so i can their authors a lot easier, but things can get lost or messed up. Hopefully that doesn't happen. I also, upon release or pre-release demo / beta testing, will send a link from a file sharing website to the inboxes of people in which i used their content. Seems only fair. Also. I will not sell a game with someone else's without their written consent. I don't plan on selling any games anyways.

To all you audio makers out there. If out of pure freaking luck. The game happens to land on the desk of some big time game maker and want to bring me in on a project or something. I might try to contact a few artists off of my favorited list or see if the company can get a hold of you. Just mind you. My favorite audio artists list is very selective and even then with such a small list many other things may decide if I should reach out to you.

Hope you all can understand. No matter how good someone's work is or how cool someone is. Doesn't show how reliable or trustable someone truely is.

***Congradulation*** recently to NG User Kimken for making it on my favorite audio artists list. I'll probably be using lots of your audio in the games I'll be making in time to come. Keep up the great quality and keep them coming. Cause music can make or break a game.

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Floating around as usual.

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